Our Goals

We’re working toward a community that allows kids to be kids and families to be families. We want kids and students across Manitoba to showcase their creativity for a good cause.

With over $20 million raised to date, the campaign is aiming to raise an additional $1.7 million to help fund enhancements for the SSCY Centre, such as play structures, a daycare, a family resource centre and more. These "extras" will create an environment that is comfortable and accessible for a child with special needs.



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Very Special Donors Help Very Special Kids!

We owe a great deal to Enns Brothers Ltd., the Enright Family at Boston Pizza and Think Shift Advertising Agency! Without their absolutely amazing support, Design a Smile would not have been possible.

Enns Brothers

Enns Brothers strongly believes in giving back to the communities where they do business. Supporting Design a Smile and the new SSCY facility gives them an opportunity to help thousands of children in Manitoba, Nunavut, eastern Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario. Through the very generous donation of $250,000, the Clinic Crossing neighbourhood will be brought to you by the children and youth of Manitoba and Enns Brothers.

Boston Pizza

The Enright Family at Boston Pizza also "walk the walk" when it comes to giving back to the communities in which they live and work. Their gift of $100,000 to support Design a Smile and the SSCY Centre will impact children and families throughout Manitoba. We are thrilled to be working with Boston Pizza to reach out to school kids province-wide.

Think Shift

Think Shift Advertising has made a huge difference in our Design a Smile program and campaign to build the SSCY Centre. Their generosity, skill, integrity and enthusiasm has resulted in a meaningful collaboration. Think Shift's contribution plays directly into the success of Design a Smile and the SSCY Centre campaign.

Thank you Enns Brothers, Boston Pizza and Think Shift Advertising. You’ve put smiles on many faces!